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“How to explain BREXIT to your students”

If you are having trouble to understand why the UK is going to leave the EU, here´s how Brexit has been explained as simple a way as possible:

Article published by “The Independent”

Video on Channel 4 News: “Brexit Explained: What happens when the UK leaves the EU?”


Drawing illustrations for a very known story is not an easy thing. Everyone has an idea about the appearance of the characters, and you have to do something very special if you want to please the viewers. Take a look at this example about Alice in Wonderland.

“Olimpiada Matemática” – Problems

Download the problems here:

1st and 2nd ESO:  primera_fase_12-14

3rd and 4th ESO:  primera_fase_14-16


Deadline: 3rd April 2019

Education (2)

Watch the following video, which talks about 6 problems our current education system is facing nowadays.

After having watched this video about education and also taking into account previously seen vocabulary  in unit 3 (Education), your task is to write an opinion essay on the following:

  • Is our current system of education outdated and ineffective?

Education (1)

Click on this LINK and answer the following questions about education. Write your answers in your notebook to be discussed in class later on.



The law of gravity in a vacuum.

Science Vs. Music

Real life applications of trigonometry

The video explains what is trigonometry and its use in real life.


This is the story of a Siberian tiger, whose family was killed by poachers. Why don´t human beings respect endangered animals´lives? This is something that should make us think and reflect. Let´s watch this clip by Isidro, Juan Antonio and Roberto, and reach our own conclusions.