The bridge

Building stable structures… Enjoy them!!! (Made with proud by 2nd ESO students!!!)


Operating systems

Silvia (4th ESO) has made this infographic about Operating Systems

types of operating system

Is your password strong enough?

Is your password strong enough?

If you have doubts, please check your password in this link:

According to this website, Inés (4th ESO) has created this infographic with 4 tips for explaining us how to create secure passwords


Mechanism Project: Screw and Nut

Take a look at this video about mechanisms made by our students (3rd ESO)

Inner mechanism


Color is one of the most expressive elements in art. 
It Changes and gives meaning to the shape.
It transmits sensations to the spectator. Let's see more



texture is a very expressive resource in art. 
In this video you can learn more about it.


The shape

he form has two dimensions, and can be natural or artificial. 
Learn more about the shape


coloring with lines

Here are some examples of how you can use the lines
to put color in a different way


the line

The line is like a dot in movement. All of us draw with lines. Is a very important element in visual languaje. Let’s look at this video

put some color with dots

This is a classic exercice in visual arts. Learn more about stippling