Useful Expressions

Check out this extensive list of commonly used and useful English expressions available to beginners up to advanced users.

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In this blog in English (link to PLASTICRAFTS), you will find information about the subjects taught by the Visual Arts Department at IES Pintor Rafael Requena (Caudete). You have theory, activities and examples, as well as tutorials and links to sites that may be interesting to you.

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In this video, Yaiza and Sara tell us a dramatic story of how someone becomes an addict to different drugs during his short life, and how unfortunately, this addiction leads him to death. Therefore, be careful because no one is out of danger.

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Are we worried enough about climate change? Are we aware of its causes and consequences? In this project, Ainara and Ana bring us closer to such an important global issue at this day and age, and we should listen carefully to what they have to say. Enjoy this wonderful video!!

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People should always be aware of the dangers of the internet so that you or somebody you care for doesn’t get taken advantage or harassed while using the internet. Children are especially vulnerable to the dangers of the internet and can face threats like cyberbullying, online predators, inappropriate content etc.

In this video-clip, Saúl and Joaquín show us a few examples of how internet might become extremely dangerous. Therefore, be always watching out what´s going on around your most beloved ones.

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This is a story of overcoming obstacles, of how an immigrant managed to reach his goals thanks to his desire to improve, no matter how difficult it was. Racism, discrimination and bullying have been present in his whole life, and despite these difficulties, he got it.

Now, being a successful qualified professional, he tries to make other people´s lives easier and help them to fight for their goals. This story has been told by Samuel and Marcos.

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Isn’t it one of the most beautiful words? Zara and Aitana think it is. RESPECT everybody, no matter if they are Lesbians, Gays, Transexuals, Bisexuals or Intersexuals. This is the message my students want to share. Never forget that we are all human beings, and respect makes us different and unique. Let’s make it happen.

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It might be a rather uncommon and even very difficult topic to work in class but, unfortunately, nowadays we are seeing too many examples of teenagers committing suicide mainly because of bullying. Therefore, never let anyone bully you or other people, and if this happens, report it and make it visible please.

Kilian, Marcos and Iván have done their best to make a reflection on this topic and create a raw video clip that shows perfectly what’s happening and what we would not like to happen.

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Watch this clip by Sofía and Paula, and you will be told a story about a North Korean immigrant overcoming obstacles after the death of his parents because of religion. Being an orphan and adopted by a French family, he moved to France and soon realised that his life there was not going to be a bed of roses but like life itself.

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The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth!! Lucia and Saray give us their point of view on POLLUTION  by sharing a story in which Nemo tells us about sea life. Enjoy this clip, and if possible, try to be more environmentally conscious.

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