The SmartPhone Problem

Let’s face it. We’re all addicted to our smartphones and other tech gadgets that supposedly make our lives easier. In this lesson, students can discuss their own experience with smartphones, the consequences of their usage, and use various structures for expressing preference.



To help students express their ideas connected with addiction, there is a word-building task at the beginning of the worksheet. Firstly, students need to come up with the correct forms from such words as addict, obsess, harm and bore. Next, they should watch the video and answer some questions connected with the smartphone addiction. After that, there is a discussion on activities which they do using their phones.


This lesson plan includes a grammar point on expressing preference. Students have to study a few sentences containing such phrases as “would rather”, “would prefer and “prefer”. Then, they need to complete the grammar structure forms.

The next task is a writing activity. Students work on writing what they would choose in some situations and give reasons. During that task, they should use expressing preference structures from exercise 5.

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